Frequently Asked Questions-FAQ’s


F A Q.    How do I choose cars that best suit my wedding?

A.   Take into account the style and theme of your wedding and how many people that you wish to transport. Choose the colour of the cars that best enhances your photos. But most importantly, come and see the cars – they look far better in reality than in our web snapshots,  and it will be easier for you to make the right choice.

F A Q.   We are on a tight budget and would love to use classic cars.

A.   Most of our cars are the same price but by choosing one of our mid-sized or large cars (which could  accommodate your whole bridal party) rather than using two smaller cars, you can save costs. There are several other ways we can reduce the transport costs of your wedding; call us so that we can work out a suitable arrangement with you. Keep an eye on the front page of our web site for any specials we may be running.

F A Q.   We have a private car that we wish to use but will need extra transport to accommodate us all.

A.   We will be delighted to provide a car that complements your choice and are happy to coordinate the dressing of the cars. We are also happy to work with other companies. For example, you may wish to use one of our classic cars as your lead car with a stretched limousine or two for the remainder of your party.

F A Q.   How much will it cost for our wedding transport?

A.   Each wedding is unique, and we will do our utmost to arrange the best solution for each occasion. Pricing is based on the type and number of cars used, the length of hireage and whether the cars are used outside Auckland’s regional boundaries. We will provide a quote promptly if you can give us these details by ringing or e-mailing us.

F A Q.   Why should I choose your company?

A.   We’re the best—-Our cars are beautifully groomed and regularly maintained. Come in and check them for yourself. Our service is reliable and professional, and we stake a lot on our reputation.  Speak to couples who have used our services.

F A Q.   Tell me about your chauffeurs.

A.  Our Chauffeurs are all professional drivers, many with a special love of classic cars. They are dressed in dark suits, white shirts and silver ties.  All are non-smokers. They know how to make your day stress-free by being punctual, thoughtful and well-mannered. They will open your door, protect you with an umbrella, pass you a tissue, or a sip of water . . . all those small but very important things that are appropriate for such an occasion.

F A Q.   How is the car dressed?

A.   Each car is classically dressed with a fresh crisp broad white ribbon across the bonnet, and ruched white satin in the rear window topped with a small bouquet of white roses. We are happy to accommodate any special preferences you may have for decorating the cars.

F A Q.   These are old cars.  Are they reliable?

A.   Yes.  We go to a lot of trouble to keep them well maintained and running well. Should the unpredictable occur, a substitute car as similar as possible to your choice will be provided. We undertake to notify you of any such changes.

F A Q.   Can we enjoy a drink in the cars?

A.   Yes, of course, but please, no red wine and no brightly coloured drinks.

F A Q.   Can we bring along some snacks to enjoy with our wine at the photo session?

A.   Yes, certainly. Or, if you prefer, we can provide a cheese platter at $48.00.  This is a seasonal selection of fresh fruit, nuts, cheeses  and crackers.

F A Q.   How far in advance do I need to book?

A.   The earlier you book, the better chance you have of securing your first choice of cars. Summer weekends are our busiest times and of course Saturdays are the most popular. A $100.00 deposit per car secures the car for your wedding. A provisional transport schedule is made at that time, and any fine-tuning of that schedule continues up until the wedding.

F A Q.   Can we organise all our transport arrangements from outside Auckland?

A.   Yes, of course, but if you are able, we recommend you visit our Showroom to see and sit in the cars so that you can check for yourself the sizing and quality of our cars, and maybe to compare them with any others. If you are out of town, feel free to have one of your friends call by.